Project Overview

Engineers Without Borders' work is capable of widespread impact in Ghana. We started off based in only a few of the nation's 107 regional districts; learning the out-in-the-field realities and building tools to address them.
We are now scaling up proven, effective approaches to infrastructure development from a small number of districts, to a national level. Specifically, we are institutionalizing evidence-based infrastructure planning at the district, regional and national levels. To ensure we have an enduring impact, EWB is building the capacity of district staff to manage and execute these evidence based decisions, teaching these skills to the Ghanains who are best able to implement them from their positions as managers and field experts.

About Me

My name is Pamela Rogalski and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia with my loving husband Jason. I'm an engineer on a leave of absence from BC Hydro.

I was first involved in EWB in 2001 at UBC (University of British Columbia) and have been inspired for years by returning volunteers relating how they were effectively able to create change in Africa.  The time is right for me to go, and EWB has offered me the opportunity to do so.